About Us


About Us

Who we are

FutureSavers Sustainable Development Initiative is an organization involved in projecting and promoting the many actions targeted at mitigating climate change and its effects across Nigeria. We have worked assiduously on different approaches to climate actions which include but are not limited to our monthly climate sit out, tree planting exercises and teens and climate, a project which targets young school pupils teaching them from prepared modules on climate change and the actions.

 We are an NGO manned by predominantly young volunteers with common goal of spreading climate change education and sensitisation among rural women. We are aware that gender inequality hampers women’s capacity and potential to be actors and to adapt to climate change challenges. That is why our Non-profit is conscious of this and we are gender sensitive with our solution driven approach to Climate Change in Africa. We are tasked with creating awareness and consciousness of the people to proffer solutions to emergencies, ecocide and all related issues threatening the planet until we have a world where every institution and individual is environmentally-conscious in attaining a green habitable earth.

We are also building a community of climate actors and preparing the next generation for a warming world, teaching them adaptive skills to adjust, fit in and to contribute their quota to the crises. Our Organisation believes that it is morally wrong to deny these kids and women the right to education and empowerment to prepare themselves for a warming world. The Organisation is determined to works closely with climate change Activists and policy makers around the world and other partners to ensure that Nigeria fully complies with its obligations under the Paris climate agreement. We are now focusing on ensuring that the government policymakers turn this historic deal into reality and deliver ambitious policies for the years to come

What we want nature to look like

To see a world where every institution and person is environmentally-conscious in attaining a green habitable earth.

Our Vision

How we want to achieve our vision

To increase consciousness, sensitization and public awareness on climate change and its effects, work on teenagers to build future climate actors, insist on reforestation, introduce eco-friendly products to Nigerians and create a habitable and less polluted Nigeria.

Our Mission

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